Safe Levels Chubbsafes HIT 01 dressing room hotel car

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External dimensions /without hinges, handles and fittings/(h/width/width):

150 x 450 x 500 [mm]

Internal dimensions (wide/width/width):

145 x 445 x 495 [mm]

Weight: 12 [kg]

Capacity: 32 [l]

Chubbsafes HIT 01 level safe is comfort and luxury plus low-tipping camouflage.

Recommended for storage: laptop, file binder, valuables, etc.

Features of the safe:

  • A unique safe resembling a larger shoe box, with a door hidden on top of the safe under the masking lid.
  • It fits perfectly for installation in a wardrobe or built-in wardrobe, as well as as a car or hotel safe.
  • Great possibilities for camouflage the safe: in the closet under hanging clothes, under a pile of cardboard boxes with shoes or as a base that can be glued according to your own idea or cover with a napkin. Thanks to its masking lid, the safe resembles the appearance of a box. This "unsealy" look makes the burglar just bypass it.
  • The door located on top of the safe offers full and convenient access to the contents of the safe.
  • The electronic lock presents the messages on the display. Opening/closing instructions placed on the lock. Read the events on the zim display.

Body: made of 1.5 mm thick steel sheet.
Doors: made of 1.2 mm thick steel sheet and reinforced with anti-balance bars.
Safe cover: 1 mm thick steel sheet.
Closure: one-sided locking with two 12 mm locks and internal drive mechanism.

Basic equipment

  • Solid design.
  • Electronic lock with event reading and emergency opening key.
  • Actuator to help you lift the door and keep it open.
  • LED lighting.
  • Mat at the bottom of the safe.
  • Prepared to be anchored to the ground. The safe has four holes to anchor to the ground. You can make holes in any side face yourself and anchor the safe to a wall/wall.
  • Large size.
  • Warranty: 24 months.

Features and functions of the electronic castle

User-friendly electronic lock with display

  • Opening/closing instructions placed on the lock.
  • Read the events on the zim display.
  • Possibility to set the home or hotel mode.
  • Three ways to open: hotel user/guest code, master code, and emergency key.

User code - home mode

Its length is 3-6 digits. Close by pressing the "LOCK" button. Home mode protects this code from accidental

Hotel guest code - hotel mode

The instructions for opening and closing are placed on the lock. The code sets the user to close the safe. Its length is 3-6 digits.
Leaving the door open allows the next user to program their own code.

Master Code

Pre-programmed, with the possibility to change it. Opens the safe.

Read events

The last 100 openings of the safe can be read on the zim display. For each opening, the safe records and displays the following information:

  • event date (year-month-day),
  • Event time (hour-per-minute)
  • opening method (user code/master code/emergency key.

Additional features

  • The ability to check the battery charge status
  • Hidden code function
  • possibility to turn off beeps and change between home/hotel modes,
  • possibility to set the number of acceptable incorrect codes, after entering which is followed by a lock (from 1 to 9),
  • the time/lock lock (from 0 to 99 minutes).

Location examples

  • horizontal safe in furniture,

sejf poziomy w meblach

  • horizontal safe in the wardrobe,

sejf poziomy w szafie ubraniowej

  • horizontal safe as a shoe box,

sejf poziomy jako pudełko po butach

  • horizontal safe in the box,

sejf poziomy w pudełku

  • level safe in the car boot

sejf poziomy w bagażniku samochodowym

CH-Victoria Safe - Sejf Poziomy *
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