Safe cabinet for weapons Metalk Pancerglass Wood Premium kl. S1


Burglary resistance: Class S1 according to EN14450 (according to ECBS)

External dimensions (wide/width/width):

1500 x 525 x 348 [mm]

Internal dimensions (wide/width/width):

1460 x 440 x 260 [mm]

Weight: 125 [kg]

Number of weapon holders: 7 [pcs]

Wardrobe designed for individual design

Pancerglass Wood Premium safes - suitable for storing weapons, ammunition, valuables and documents.
Armored protective glass with very high resistance allows you to fully enjoy weapons and valuable items. Thesafe structure is designed with attention to detail to meet all the requirements of the most demanding athletes and collectors.

Body: the outer structure is made of strong single-layer steel with a thickness of 3 mm and the inner one with a thickness of 2 mm.

Doors: 3 mm thick single-layer steel structure; door leaf thickness not less than 50 mm.
Rib-reinforced door around the perimeter.

Closure: locking with nickel-plated 22 mm diameter screws protected against drilling.

Basic equipment

  • Lock: Safe closed with an electronic encryption lock in class B.
  • Inner safe closed with class A key lock.
  • Premium red weapon holders.
  • Safe glass certified in accordance with European standard UNI EN356 (resistance to manual attack) and UNI EN 1063
    (missile impact resistance), lightweight and highly resistant.
  • Hinges: internal.
  • Protection against drilling.
  • Prepared for wall and floor installation.
  • Inside the red carpet.
  • Color: Sublimation Wood.

Additional equipment at an additional cost

  • LED lighting.
Metalk/Pancerglass Drew Premium
1000 Items

Data sheet

Standard lock
Electronic Class B
Outside height
Outer width
Outside depth
Inner height
Inner width
Inner depth
Burglary resistance class
Number of weapon holders
Number of lockers

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