Drzwi skarbcowe ST. GALLEN-DOOR 55470.00

Treasury door ST. GALLEN-DOOR 55470.00


Burglary resistance: Class I according to EN 1143-1

Dimensions (wide/width/v)

External dimensions: 1700 x 900 x 240 [mm]

Internal dimensions: 1650 x 826 x 0 [mm]

Dimensions under door light (h/width): 1650 x 826 [mm]

Weight: 140 [kg]


St. Gallen Door series - treasury door, anti-burglary.

Doors: 84 mm thick multi-walled
Door frame (door frame): 40 mm thick double-walled
Closure: 3 side locking - including hinged profile

Recommended for vaults and other rooms to increase their resistance to burglary. Doors retain anti-burglary resistance only in case of installation in the wall, mason, vault - according to the user manual.

Basic equipment

  • Lock: lockable door with key lock VdS-Class I/IMP - Class A (standard with two keys 120 mm long)
  • Type of closure: 60 mm protruding handle
  • Hinges: external
  • Door opening angle: 180°
  • Openings for installation: 9 pcs.; 4 holes on each side and 1 on top
  • Lacquer: RAL 7035 grey

Additional equipment available at an additional cost

Blokada drzwi od wewnątrz
Door lock from the inside
Dodatkowa klamka od wewnątrz
Additional handle from the inside
Dodatkowa tastatura do zamka od wewnątrz
Additional tastatura for the castle from the inside
Elementy centrali alarmowej / centrala alarmowa
Alarm panel components / alarm panel
1000 Items

Data sheet

Standard lock
class I VdS / IMP class A key
Outside height
Outer width
Outside depth
Inner height
Inner width
Burglary resistance class

Specific References


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